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Watchfire message design service
starting at $19/message


Frugal Pixel offers Watchfire message design and remote scheduling and updating of your sign – and everything in-between. Frugal Pixel always tries to accommodate your requests – please contact Frugal Pixel, below.


Frugal Pixel makes it easy for you to keep your Watchfire sign updated as often as you want


Frugal Pixel's message service starts at just $19/static message


Frugal Pixel serves Central Mass, and has frequent routes to your neighborhood should you need your sign updated right away


Frugal Pixel aims always to achieve your satisfaction. References available, please ask


Some organizations Frugal Pixel has had the pleasure to serve:


Frugal Pixel has created a number of designs and implementations. Check out Frugal Pixel's previous work to get an idea of what can be done!

  • sintel bedroom

    Loft 266

    Football animated message

  • ishtar alley

    El Basha

    Message board advertisement, static message

  • sintel snowscape

    Crown Bakery

    Weekly special animation

  • sintel wallpaper ishtar

    Blue Jeans Pizza

    Static message

  • sintel town concept

    Blue Jeans Bistro

    Daily special animated message

  • The Frugal Pixel Team

    Experienced in marketing, retail, graphic design and commercial photography, Frugal Pixel people can help you create messages that get the results you want

    Lawrence Strauss

    Watchfire-trained Designer

    Dennis Vandal

    Photographer/Watchfire Ignite Designer

    Tim Gunderman